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Play Buried Treasure on the Phonics Play website to recap some of the sounds you have learned in school. The login details are Username: jan21            Password: home

Year 1:  Choose 'Phase 3' and 'ure'                Year 2: Choose 'Phase 5' and 'ir'

 Write some sentences using those sounds.


Read for 15 minutes. If you need a book, look at the MyOn website or on Active Learn.


On the Contents page of your booklet write this:

page 1            When and where did the fire start?

On page 1 write the title When and where did the fire start? on the top line.

Draw a picture.

Then answer the question. Write as many sentences as you feel you can manage.


 Half of half is a quarter. Find out more in this short video .Do 'Quarters' first, then 'Sorting fractions.' or 'Shield Design'

The 3D challenge is waiting if you're ready!

Art:  Have a go at using some play dough to create some of the London Landmarks you have been learning about. Maybe you could make The Shard, Big Ben or The Gherkin. If you don't have any playdough there is a recipe to make your own here.