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Play Dragon's Den on the Phonics Play website to recap some of the sounds you have learned in school. The login details are Username: jan21            Password: home

Year 1:  Choose 'Phase 3' and 'air'                Year 2: Choose 'Phase 5' and 'ea'

 Write some sentences using those sounds.


Read for 15 minutes. If you need a book, look at the MyOn website or on Active Learn.

English:   First read the Samuel Pepys diary entry sheet. Then read the diary helpful hints to remind about writing a diary entry. Now you are going to pretend to be Samuel Pepys, and use the work that you did yesterday to help you write a diary entry as if you were him!  For example 'Yesterday was a horrible day! I felt so scared because there was a huge, raging fire. I could smell acrid smoke everywhere.'

 Use the sheet below.

Maths: Watch this video and then complete the number problems on the worksheet below. You can work directly on the worksheet, write the number sentences on a piece of paper or directly into your workbooks.

Art:   Look at the examples of skylines on the skyline sheet. They're just a few ideas for you to think about.  Make your own skyline picture using at least four London landmarks. It can be in any style you like, you can use pencil, paint, crayons, coloured paper or any other media you like, and you can use a mixture. If you have a bigger piece of paper (back of wallpaper roll?)  or a big flattened cardboard box you can use it! Have fun!