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Watch yesterday's story video 'Katie in London,'  again.

Today you are going to imagine you are Katie or Jack, and you're going to write a letter to your grandma and tell her all about your amazing magical adventure in yesterday's story video. Look at your plan to see what you decided to tell her about.

When you write this kind of letter you use 'I' or 'we' a lot. It's a friendly letter because you know them well. We use lots of contractions eg.  won't, can't, don't,  didn't, wouldn't , couldn't,  should've , I'm  , I've etc.

Your adult might read the powerpoint if you need more ideas.



Today we are going to look at timelines and try to do our own.

Look at the example of the Royal Family timeline which has lots of members of the family on from the past (a long time ago) to the present (today).  Then look example of a smaller family timeline.

 On one of the sheets draw the members of your family and label them with names. Add the dates that  theywere born too if you can. Alternatively, you could draw some pictures in your book. Remember, to put them in order.

Some of you may wish to do a bigger family tree by using a big piece of paper or joining some together.