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Read for 15 minutes every day. If you need a book look at the MyOn website, or Active Learn (Bug club) or Rising Stars Reading Planet.


This week we have been reading Farmer Duck story and Farmer Ham. The lazy Farmer is silly and does not like work and Farmer Ham is clever and very hard working. Farmer Ham has heard from his cousin the lazy farmer. He has told him that he is very sorry that he has been lazy. The thing is that the Farmer has been lazy for such a long time that he has forgotten how to be a good farmer. Can you help him to become a good Farmer? What must the lazy farmer do to become a good farmer and be able to go back to the farm to look after the animals? Use the comic strip approach to plan a letter to Farmer Duck with instructions about how to become a good farmer. E.g. first you must apologise to the animals for being so unkind to them. Next you must get up early and milk the cow every day. Also you must bring the sheep from the hill so that they don’t get too cold.


What do we use a clock for? Watch this video  first and then this video to find out how to record an o'clock time and then complete the follow up activity and  2 worksheets: 'write the time',  and 'draw the hands'. If  you know lots about time try the digital to analogue  sheet.


In our PSHE sessions, we have been learning all about how to stay safe online. The internet can be a wonderful place as long as we remember to stay safe. The internet can be a very useful place to find out information if we don't have access to non-fiction books (information books) or we cannot find what we are looking for in them. It is very quick and easy to find information on the internet. You can do this using something called a 'search engine' e.g. Google, Yahoo or Bing. As we are learning all about farms this half term, see if you can find out some information about a farm animal using the internet. You can choose any farm animal you wish. Now draw a picture and write down the information you have found out.