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Time to practise  this tricky word song or  this tricky words song. 

You practise more on the phonics play website Tricky Words Truck. Choose phase 3 or Phase 5


Remember to practise your spellings today. You should be really good by now. 


Read for 15 minutes. If you need a book look on the usual websites (see Monday for login details) or continue to read the Phoneme Spotter Bumper story Pack from Wednesday.


Carry on with writing out your poem very neatly today. If you’ve finished your poem, you might want to make a card. Choose one from the card selection or make your own. Write something special inside for your special person.


Look carefully at the numberlines and write the numbers shown in the correct place. Be careful, not all of the numbers are on the number line!


In our PSHE we have been thinking about how to stay safe online. Watch this short video about how to make passwords you use safe and powerful. You should never share your passwords with others, especially strangers as they may use it to gain personal information about you. You should always make your passwords strong and powerful so they are hard to guess. Complete the worksheet below about how to choose a strong password.