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In the story of  'The Snow Lambs' Sam was very worried when Bess didn't come home. Can you imagine how he felt? Write a diary entry to say how he felt when he thought Bess was lost, and how he felt when she came back.

When you write a diary it is like talking to yourself, only you write it down. You use the word 'I' a lot in diary writing. 

Cut and stick the numicon (tens and ones) to represent each number. E.g. if the number shown  is 14, cut and stick 1 ten and 4 ones. If the number shown is 26, cut and stick 2 tens and 6 ones.


Don't worry if you don't have the resources to cut and stick, you can draw a straight line for the tens and a dot for the =  ones. E.g. 15 = I . . . . .       8 = . . . . . . . .       11 = I .       22 = I I . .