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Play Buried Treasure on the Phonics Play website to reap  some  of the sounds you have learned in school. The login details are  Username: jan 21  Password: home  home

Choose the Phase 3 'ai' or Phase 5 'aw' sounds you are learning this week. Write some sentences using those sounds. 


Remember  to  practise your spellings.


It's World Book Day today. Try some of the  World Book Day activities, or read as usual for 15 minutes.

f you need a book log on to the MyOn web site, or Active Learn (Reading bug) or Rising Stars Reading Planet.


We’re getting even better at writing sentences but sometimes we still need to add more detail makes it interesting for the person reading your sentence e.g.

‘The pigs met a man carrying straw’ is a good sentence but

The three pigs met an old man carrying a heavy bag of golden straw.’ is a more interesting sentence because it has more detail.

Now you try on the up levelling sheet.


Remember these symbols < = > ? We use them to compare numbers.

 < means less than   = means equal   > means greater than

This video shows you how to compare numbers to 20.

This video shows you how to compare numbers greater than 100

Remember when we compare numbers we look at the number on the left first, and see if it is greater or less than the number on the right. Then we put the correct symbol in e.g.

When comparing these numbers look at the number 6 first.

                                               6          8      

Is 6 greater or less than 8? You can look on your number line or use something to help you count.  Because 6 is less than 8 we use the less than symbol                       6    <  8

Remember the greedy crocodile likes to eat the biggest number!   


Watch this short video about personal information that can be shared with others and information which should be kept private. Now watch this power point video to find out more then complete the follow up activity. Cut and stick the personal information card into the right column. Should it be kept private or is it okay to share? If you don't have glue and scissors, you can copy the table and statements into your book or onto a piece of paper.