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Spelling  Recap the words from Monday. Read the word, cover it up and then write it. Check to see if you got it right.

ar 1: dim rim him kid kit

Year 2: all ball call walk talk always small wall fall altogether.

You can test yourself at the end of the week to see how well you've done.

English:  Yesterday you used a comic strip to plan a diary entry for one of the best days you can remember. Today you're going to write your own diary entry about that day, whenever it was. Remember, when you write a diary it's like talking to yourself about something that's already happened (in the past tense), only you're writing it instead of saying it!  Try to include information about your thoughts and feelings, as well saying what happened. You can use the Diary helpful hints from Tuesday to help you.

Maths: Watch the video from yesterday again. Complete the number problems on the worksheet below. Use objects and sharing circles to help you find half of each number. 



Last week was about caring for the environment by recycling. Today is about 'Firefighters,' who are part of a large number of people who look after our community. As you watch this video about Izzy the firefighter, think about what skills are needed to do her job.