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Choose a toy from the toy board and make this amount using your coins. See if you can use the smallest amount of coins possible. E.g. to make 14p you could use one 10p coin and two 2p coins, rather than one 10p coin and four 1p coins. Draw the coins you have used in your piggy bank.

London is part of our topic work this term.  What do you know about London? Have you been to London? I expect you will have heard of some famous places in London. We call them 'Landmarks.' Landmarks help people to recognise where they are, and how to get from one place to another.

Use the video link to listen to the story 'Charlie and Lola go to London.' You will hear about some famous landmarks in the story.

 After the story match the pictures to the correct name of each landmark. Write a few words to help you remember a little about it e.g. Tower of London  'jewels' 'safe.' You will need this for tomorrow.