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Rules, Videos and Results

The Personal Challenge Championships are now open to all pupils, parents and teachers and will run until 30th April 2020.


The format is simple, you have 5 events to complete. Each event will need measuring or scoring, therefore you will need a helper, a tape measure and a timer. It is important you follow the instructions for each event to ensure we keep it fair for everyone.


Once you have completed all 5 events you need to complete the online score sheet and send your results in. All of the results will be collected and we will give prizes for different categories (once we get back to school).


Categories will include:


Highest scoring girl and boy from each class.

Highest scoring teachers.

Highest scoring parents/grandparents/guardians.

Highest scoring 'friend' of Sparken Hill


Look at each event below and it will tell you how to set it up and how to score. 


Please send any photos or videos that are ok to use on the twitter feed to


Good luck


Mr Johnson/Mrs Paton