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Music at Sparken Hill

Since September 2018 the KS2 children at Sparken Hill Academy have been creating their own show based on a fictional school called The Sparkly Tower. The school looks like our school and has similar looking people in it, but, it exists in a parallel universe where many magical things are possible.



The Sparken Hill Academy Orchestra  are playing 3 pieces of music they have composed themselves. The first piece of music is called 'The Bad Wizard'. This is overheard by a time travelling inter-dimensional Bad Wizard who really hates music and turns up through a hole in time and space (a portal) to make them stop. When they refuse he sends three of the musicians through the portal and into a massive telly. He then follows to make sure they don't escape. 


This attracts the attention of a Good Wizard who tries to help them find The Sparkly Tower as it could be the only hope they have of escape.  


Many things follow so let's hope all three make it back to Sparken Hill Academy in this universe!


Please enjoy the video link of the show recorded live on the 6th of June 2019.

The Sparkly Tower Live Show 6th June 2019

This video is about 6th june right side 01