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Year 1: bit, fit, hit, kit, lit

Year 2: even, break, steak, great, move


Read for 15 minutes every day. If you need a book look at the MyOn website, or Active Learn (Bug club) or Rising Stars Reading Planet.


Today we are looking at the ow and oi diagraphs. Watch the videos for the ow digraph and the oi diagraphs and then complete the follow up activity.


This week we are going to be focusing on shape. We have already learned about 2D shapes. Watch this video and then scroll down to the quizzes to test your knowledge of 2D shapes. This week, we are going to be learning all about 3D shapes. Watch this video here to find out more about 3D shapes. Now complete the follow up activity on the worksheet below. Can you match the real objects to the correct 3D shape?


In our Science lessons we have been learning all about farms and farm animals. Create a mind map to show everything you have learned about farms. You can draw and/or write down your ideas. If there is something we haven't learned, that you would like to find out about, write down your question and then see if you can do your own research to find out the answer. You could use books and/or the internet to help you.