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Year 1:  lip, nip, pip, rip, sip.

Year 2: word, work, worm, world, worth


Read for 15 minutes every day. If you need a book look at the MyOn website, or Active Learn (Bug club) or Rising Stars Reading Planet.


In our English sessions this week we are going to be focusing on books with a farm setting. Today we are going to be reading Farmer Duck. Watch the story video here. Today you are going to be writing a character description of the farmer. What does he look like? Where does he live? Who does he live with? What does he like to/not do? Write sentences to describe the farmer and try to use adjectives (describing words). Can make your sentences longer by using conjunctions (as, so, because, and..) E.g. The farmer is lazy because he spends all day in bed. He wears a brown, striped hat and blue stripy pyjama bottoms. 


This week is all about time. Perhaps you are thinking about clocks but it’s not just clocks. What do you know about time?

We’re going to start by looking at a calendar, and the months of the year. This months of the year song will help you to remember the months in the right order. 

Watch this video and then complete the follow up paper chain activity or the worksheet, or both! Be careful, the months on the sheet are not in the right order!


This week we are going to be learning all about the life cycle of a chicken. Watch this video. Now have a go at sequencing the pictures below to show the lifecycle of a chicken. You can cut and stick the pictures in the correct place or you can draw your own.