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Time to wake up!  Make sure you have plenty of room if you're going to move about.


Phase 3 'ee' video. Make a list of 'ee' words. Write some in a sentence.

Phase 5  'wh' video. Make a list of 'wh' words. Write some in a sentence.


Try to practice your spellings every day so that you can do them from memory by the end of the week.

Year 1 sin tin win dip hip

Year 2 five ride like lime side home those woke hope hole


Read for 15 minutes every day. If you need a book look at the MyOn website, or Active Learn (Bug club) or Rising Stars Reading Planet.


It’s going to be Mother’s day soon, which is a special day for some people. You’re going to write something special, but first read or listen to ‘My Mum’ It’s a great book about someone’s mum, and I’m sure it’ll make you think about your mum or your special person. 

 Next read or listen to ‘Why I Love my mummy,’ on the same video. It has one line repeated all the way through which is this:

‘I love my mummy because…’

Some children have thought of some of the reasons why they love their mummy for the next line of the poem. It’s the same all the way through.

Now think about your mum or your special person. Write as many adjectives as you can think of to describe your mum or other special person on the collection sheet.


This week is all about patterns; patterns of colour,  or shape or numbers.

Year 1 Today you’ll find out how to recognise and create a repeating patterns. Watch this video  and complete the activities at the end. You can make your own repeating pattern on paper or in your home learning book

Year 2  Today you're going to make number patterns counting in 2's 5's and 10's. 


This week we are going to be thinking about where different animals live on a farm and what they eat. Watch this Farmer Duck story video. Now complete the follow up activity. You can cut and stick the pictures or you draw your own to show where each animal lives and what it eats.