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Join zoom live dance lesson at 11.30  (Link has been sent out)


                Phase 3 'ure'  video. Make a list of 'air' words

               Phase 5 'oy'  video Make a list of  'oy' words

               Copy out these words.  Practise them every day if you can. If you want an extra challenge, try writing them in a                 sentence.

              Year 1: cats hats nets nuts pets 

              Year 2: fast last father class grass pass plant path bath people

              Test yourself  at the end of the week if you want to see how well you're doing.

ReadingRead for 15 minutes. If you need a book, look at the MyOn website or on Active Learn.


This week you are going to make your own information booklet about ‘The Great Fire of London.

Watch the Great Fire of London video. You can pause it and read it yourself at any time. Look at the comic strip plan. These will be the headings for the ‘Contents’ page. Draw some pictures and write some useful words in each box to remind you what you would like to write about in the book you are going to make. Challenge: Use the 'planning chapter headings' sheet if you would like to plan you own booklet. 


Science: Use this video to find out more about which materials are absorbent and which are waterproof. If you have some items at home to test you can join in with the investigation and record your results on the worksheet.