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Join zoom live dance lesson at 11.30  No live lesson till further notice

Phonics: Phase 3 'air'  see video . Make a list of 'air' words

               Phase 5 'ea' as in leaf- revise 'ay' 'ou' 'ie' and learn 'ea' in this video. Make a list of  'ea' (sounding ee) words.

               Copy out these words.  Practise them every day if you can. If you want an extra challenge, try writing them in a sentence.

              Year 1: dim rim him kid kit

              Year 2: all ball call walk talk always small wall fall altogether

ReadingRead for 15 minutes. If you need a book, look at the MyOn website or on Active Learn.

EnglishWatch this video  about the Great fire of London. Samuel Pepys was a historian, who wrote a diary about the fire.  Think about the work that you did last week, when you wrote a diary entry. Try to imagine what Samuel Pepys heard, smelt, tasted and touched during the Great Fire. Look at the scenes from the Great Fire of London  sheets to give you ideas what Samuel Pepys might have seen etc. . Then use the sheet below to write your own adjectives and noun phrases. e.g burning fire, hot smoke, crackling wood.

Maths: Watch this video. Now complete the follow up activities which can be found on the worksheet below. You can work directly on the worksheet if you print it out, or you can work on a piece of paper or in your workbooks.

Science: Which materials float and sink? Watch this video and join in with the experiment if you can. If you need it, there is a copy of the worksheet below.