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LBQ Year 6

What is LBQ?

Learning by Questions (LBQ) is an online teaching approach used in primary schools that combines technology with mastery learning. Here at Sparken Hill Academy, we have been using this approach with our Y5&6 pupils.

Every child knows how to use it. They can access the website on a tablet, phone or computer. Each day there will be a code provided for Maths, English and GPS, which gives them work to complete. This then feeds back to the teacher.

How much work should they complete?

The work, in a session, gets gradually harder, so we recommend that your child works through the session until they reach the point where they need support or assistance for every question.

How does my child log on?


When asked to enter their name:

Full name and class eg: JohnSmithB5


The LBQ work for Y6 is now changing.

There are weekly workpacks now being put onto the website. If you require it in paper form, we have a copy at school.


If you have found that your child is particularly struggling with a particular area of their work, please contact their teacher, so that we can provide support for you.


Thank you