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See how many 'ee' you can spot in the phoneme spotter story, or the 'wh' phoneme spotter postcard.


Now's the time to find out how well you've done with your spelling practise. Can you write them down from memory or ask someone to read them out so you can write them down? I expect you're really good at them by now. 


Read for 15 minutes. You can find books on the usual websites, or you could read any of the reading resources on the free Twinkl Go website.


Another busy week has flown by! Complete the spelling activity sheet for the phoneme you’ve been working on- 'ee' or 'wh'. 


Can you use your number pattern skills to solve the biscuit and domino problem? Give it a try.


Today we are going to be making and creating a plan of our own farm. Watch this video to find out all the different features and buildings you may find on a farm. There are 2 follow up tasks.

Task 1

Have a go at building your own farm. You could use lego, cardboard boxes or anything else you have around the house. Once you have built your farm, draw a map of your farm. What features and buildings will you include? For example, a farmhouse, fields, hen house etc. You can use the prompt sheet to help you.

Task 2

Cut and stick the descriptions to the correct heading to show what you would find on a farm. E.g. Hen house – Where the hens lay their eggs. If you don’t have scissors and glue at home, you can copy the sentences in the correct box instead.