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There's a short Phonics Play comic for you to read today. It's the ususal log in details, see Monday if you've forgotten.

Phase 3 Comic ‘The haircut’   ear air er

Phase 5  Comic ‘Eggs Eggs Eggs’  or ir ue aw

You can play any of the phonic games you choose on the Phonic Play website today!


What a busy week! Finish by completing the ‘ue’ or the ‘er’ sheet depending on what you’ve been practising all week.


You will need a dice for today’s maths game. If you can’t find one, you can write one number on a small piece of paper (1 to 6) and then put all 6 pieces in a bag or a container and shake them up. Don’t peep when you’re taking a number out! Of course you can make your own spinner/ dice. Have fun!

Geography - Today we are going to be looking at Human and Physical geographical features. Watch this video to find out about Human and Physical Geographical Features and then complete the follow up activity. You can download the worksheet below.