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Phonics: Complete the  activity sheets using the sounds you have been practising this week.

Reading: Read for 15 minutes. If you need a book, look at the MyOn website or Active Learn or Rising Stars. Login details have been sent out 

English:  Choose one of the reading comprehensions about Samuel Pepys diary and see if you can answer the questions.

Year 1     Read and answer the questions about Dilly's diary.

Maths: Today you are going to be using your knowledge of sharing and halving to share by 4. You can use objects to help you. Look at the number sentences on the worksheet below. Count out the correct amount of objects and then share them by 4. You can draw 4 sharing circles to help you. E.g. 12 ÷  4 = 3. If you want a challenge, you can download the challenge sheet below. Look carefully though - you aren't always going to be sharing by 4 so you will need to think carefully about the amount of sharing circles you will need for each number sentence.

History: This week you have found out about Samuel Pepys and his diary in your Literacy. In History, you are going to find out more about his life using this video and then complete a fact file about him.