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What can you remember about writing sentences? Yes, they need a capital letter to start, finger spaces, and a full stop at the end.  Sentences can be made more interesting by adding extra detail or information, such as adjectives (describing words)  joining conjunctions e.g and ,but, so , because, interesting verbs ('doing' words eg run , sell ,  help)  or adverbs e.g fast, slow, luckily, etc.

Look at the sentences on the worksheet. They're not written properly. Can you re-write them  properly and add more detail to make them more interesting?

 e.g  the lion was asleep- The golden lion was fast asleep.

                                        The golden lion was sound asleep on the cold stone.


 If you click on the Magic Grandad Great Fire of London link below you will be able to listen to a story about The Great Fire of London.
  When you have watched the Magic Grandad video, you can choose a creative activity to do which demonstrates what   you have learnt about the Great Fire of London. You can watch the videos from previous days again too if you wish. You could draw a picture, do a painting, a collage,  make a box model,  create a booklet about The Great Fire of London or anything else that you can think of. Have fun!