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Foundation 2

This week is the last week learning all about 'The Little Red Hen'. Read the plan for this week and use it as a daily guide of what to teach each day.


After you have read the plan, you can have a go at the daily activities below (labelled with a day to complete each ask).

This a great story to read or watch on Thursday for when you make pizzas!

How to bring the classroom to your house!


To help you keep a routine at home, try some of these activities.  This is how we learn in foundation stage.


Play is an important part of learning so take time to play with your children and have fun :) 



Make pretend pizzas with any toys you have at home like lego or you could make a picture out of felt or material.

Sensory play

Play in a tray of flour, talk about what it feels like. Can you use your finger to write some letters, numbers or your name? You could try different ways of writing using paint brushes or sticks.

Role Play

Animal masks to cut out

Act out and retell the story using the masks.


Outdoor World

On your outdoor walk, can you spot any flowers coming out in time for Spring?  Can you count them and make a tally chart?


Use a bowl/bucket of water and a paint brush or sticks to write some letters on your fence or outdoor wall.


Make a Little Red Hen field scene using cereals or pasta or rice (anything in your cupboards!)





Make a pretend pizza shop, can you use money (1ps and 2ps) to pay for your pizzas? Practise careful counting and adding.

Time to talk

Talk to your parent about what you are looking forward to when you go back to school. Share your feelings and worries.  


Once you have completed a challenge you can colour in one part of your rainbow! (match the colour to the colour of the challenge you have completed e.g. construction is green) 


Download a rainbow to print off at home and colour in