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Foundation 2

The Three Little Pigs



This week we are learning all about 'The Three Little Pigs'. Read the plan for this week and use it as a daily guide of what to teach each day.

The Three Little Pigs story to watch on Monday

How to bring the classroom to your house!


To help you keep a routine at home, try some of these activities.  This is how we learn in foundation stage.


Play is an important part of learning so take time to play with your children and have fun :) 



Link to role play

Make the 3 houses from the story (straw, sticks and bricks) use materials or junk materials you can find in your home, garden or on your daily walk.


Build up those funky finger muscles!

See playdough recipe week 3. And have a go at the video:


*If don’t have playdough you can still copy the hand movements to improve your fine motor skills.

Role Play

Link to construction and Small World

Use storybook language and repetitive phrases to act out and retell the story using construction and small world props.



Small World

Link to construction & role play

Use small world people e.g. lego figures (or make your own character/finger puppets) to act out the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’


Make & write a card from Wolf to the Three Little Pigs to say sorry.


Make a picture of the ‘The 3 Little pigs’ (or your favourite) with any materials in your house.


 We’d love to see your pictures/photos.


Can you make number sentences using objects from the story e.g. 3 pigs  and the wolf 3+1=4 or

6 (bricks) and 3 (sticks) makes?



Time to talk

How am I feeling? Chat about what makes you happy – can you make ‘happy’ poster?




Once you have completed a challenge you can colour in one part of your rainbow! (match the colour to the colour of the challenge you have completed e.g. construction is green) 

Download a rainbow to print off and colour in



This week in' Real PE' we are doing the Squirrel activity. 

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