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This week we are learning about Goldilocks & the Three Bears. Please see below the plan for the week and the activities to do (labelled with a day to complete)

After you have read the plan, you can have a go at the daily activities below (labelled with a day to complete each task)


How to bring the classroom to your house!


To help you keep a school routine at home, try some of these activities. This is how we learn in foundation stage.


Play is an important part of learning so take time to play with your children and have fun :)



Build something creative using bricks/lego or any toys you have at home!


Fill up a sink or bowl and put some bubbles in it and spoons and bowls, can you fill up the containers?

Role Play

Dress up in your favourite costume and pretend you are somebody different for the day!

Small World

Play with any animals you have at home, can you take them on an adventure?  


Make a postcard to send to a friend you haven’t seen in a long time.


Make a picture with pasta, rice or anything in your cupboards.


Can you make some bank notes to buy things from a pretend shop?

Time to talk

Talk to your grown-up about your feelings. How has lockdown made you


Once you have completed a challenge you can colour in one part of your rainbow!

(The construction challenge is red so when you have done this job, you can colour one of your rainbow lines in red )

Download a rainbow to print off at home and colour in


 This week in 'Real PE' we are doing the week of Cat, so select the cat picture after you log in. The link to log in is below.