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Events 2017

Years 3/4 Hand Ball Festival 2017


Today Friday 20th October we took 12 pupils from years 3/4 to take part in this event. To start with the children learnt some basic hand ball skills which were expertly delivered by young leaders from Retford Oaks. There were 5 activity stations overall but our children loved the goal keeper diving one the best.

After they had learnt some skills the schools that attended all played some mini games against each other.

Everyone had a great time and played really well using the new skills that they had learnt.

School games sports hall athletics 2017


This took place on Thursday 5th October at Outwood Academy Valley.  We took one team which consisted of 6 boys and 6 girls. They all had to do 3 field events which were split into two groups . Javelin, 2kg push and triple jump, or speed bounce, standing long jump and overhead throw. Once all the field events had finished the pupils moved into the track. Here they had to do a relay race in pairs followed by hurdles or a sprint race. All our pupils completed their events and then the scores were added together. We came 5 th place overall and won the Girls relay and hurdles races. 

Well done to everyone that represented our school, we are incredibly proud of you all.

Bassetlaw school's cross country competition 


On Tuesday 19th September we took a squad of 12 pupils to take part in this event. Our team was split into 6 boys and 6 girls. They had to run a cross country course which was just over a mile in length. 

The top 12 boys and girls would then go on to represent Bassetlaw in the Nottinghamshire finals later in the year. Congratulations to all our runners and a special mention to Brihanna Dear who came in 5 th place out of the 96 girl runners. 

Nottingham girls football festival 2017


This year we took 15 girls from years 3 and 4 down to Nottingham university to take part in this event. The idea is to try and get more girls interested and actually playing football. Well our girls had a great day and can't wait for football club to start on a Thursday after school. 

Below are some photos from this years event.

​​​​​​School Games Finals 2017


Wow, what an amazing day and an unforgettable experience for our pupils that were involved.

On Friday 9 th July we took our Pop lacrosse and Tri golf teams to the county finals of the school games in Nottingham.

It was a carnival atmosphere. The day started with an opening ceremony where all  4,000 competitors received their district coloured t shirts and found their voices !

Then we separated to go and compete in our events. The Tri golf team did incredibly well and only just missed out on winning medals.Photos  below of some of the activities they took part in. 

The pop lacrosse team totally smashed their first 2 games winning 6-1 and 7-2, they then played National finalists St Peters and draw 4-4. Next was an 8-4 win against Morven  Park and an amazing last minute winner to beat Fernwood 5-4. They needed to win their final game against Arnold Hill to win the whole competition but Arnold were the better team on the day and we lost 8-4. That meant Arnold won Gold 

medals and We ended up in 3rd place winning Bronze. An amazing team performance from all of our players, we are incredibly proud of every single one if you.

Kwik Cricket County Finals 2017


This year our year 6 Boys team qualified for the County finals after winning their group at Worksop Cricket Club in June. The team consists of 8 boys, each has to bowl one over, they rotate around the fielding area after each over. Then they bat in pairs for 2 overs. Every time you are bowled, caught or run out you lose 5 runs. Winning team is the one with the most runs.

School Games Tri Golf qualifying competition 


This took place on Monday 19th June 2017 at Kilton Forest Golf club. It was an incredibly hot day and every single competitor needs a huge congratulations for coping in the heat.

Teams consisted of 10 players, 5 Boys and 5 Girls. They then had to complete 8 different stations where they played different golfing activities. 

Points were awarded at each game and the team with the most points would go through to represent Bassetlaw in the Summer games2017.

Our team did incredibly well scoring 1,219 points and were the overall winners.

Well done everyone #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

School Games Boccia Qualifying competition 


This year we entered two teams into this competition. The children involved have been practising hard during their Boccia Club intervention sessions every week with Mrs Davies.

We decided to have a year 3/4 team and a year 5/6 team and this worked out really well.

Unfortunately neither team managed to qualify for the school games finals this year, however they did incredibly well coming 1st and 3rd place in the Bassetlaw school's competition. 

Well done to everyone that took part. 

School Games year 3/4 Tennis Qualifier Competition 


Today Wednesday 15th June we entered 3 teams into the above competition. Each team consisted of 2 boys and 2 girls. They were then labelled boy 1 and 2 and girl 1 and 2.

Altogether there were 11 teams there from 7 different Bassetlaw schools. The schools were split into two groups otherwise the competition would last all day!

Then in the groups Boy 1 from our school had to play a match against boy 1 from all the other schools. The same for boy 2 and girl 1 and 2. At the end of the matches all the scores were added together to see who had won.

Our teams came 4th, 6 th and 7th, we were really pleased with how well we had done. Everyone that played won at least 1 match and some of our pupils won all of their matches.

At the end there were some special awards, one was for sportsmanship which was wine by two of our boys Riley and Reuben. Another award was for the most improved player of the day which was Darcy. The final award that our school won was for the best game of the day, it was between Emma and a girl from Carr Hill.

Nottinghamshire County Cricket Bassetlaw Finals


Today we took 3 teams to Worksop Cricket Club to compete in the above competition. Each team consisted of 8 players, each player had to bowl, wicket keep and field in a rotation system. Then they batted in pairs for two overs each. Our year 4/5 team played 4 games in total, they didn't win any but only lost by 3 or 4 runs each time.

The Girls team played 2 games and although they lost both games it was again very close. They lost by 6 runs to St John's and 11 runs to Priory.

our year 6 Boys played 3 games and won them all quite convincingly. They now go through to represent Bassetlaw in the County Cup finals.

Well done to everyone that took part today.


School Games year 6 Girls Netball competition 


Today Wednesday 7th June 2017 we entered a team into this competition. There were 4 other schools there and we all played against each other. Our first game was V Blyth and we won this 2-1 a goal each for Hannah and Erin.

Next we played RanbyCE and this was a really exciting game, we were losing 2-0 but managed to score twice and the final score was 2-2.

We then had a really tough match V Priory Academy who were too strong for us, the final score was 5-0 to Priory.

Our final game was against Everton and after 3 minutes the score was even at 1-1, however after half time and changes for both teams we ended losing the game 5-1.

All the Girls played really well and thoroughly enjoyed the whole competition.


Regional Pop Lacrosse Finals

Tuesday 23rd May 2017


Today we represented Bassetlaw in the Regional finals at Nottingham Trent University. There are 8 districts in Nottinghamshire but unfortunately only 4 could make the finals.

Our first game was V West Bridgford and was literally end to end throughout the whole game. We just managed to sneak a win by scoring 3 quick goals to make the final score 8-5.

Next we had to play St Peters who had just beaten Fernwood 14-4 , however we were 3-0 up within the first 2 minutes and playing some unbelievable lacrosse. The final score was 6-6 and because a result was needed the game went into extra time. We lost in the end by 1 goal. 

Our final game was against Fernwood, again this was end to end, each team scoring with nearly every shot. Fernwood were the final winners on this occasion, beating us 6-5. 

Everyone in the team played their absolute best and it was a fantastic achievement to be able to represent Bassetlaw .


Bassetlaw Primary School's orienteering event

Thursday 18 th May 2017


We entered 7 teams into this event, each team consisted of two pupils. They had to find 20 different points set out on a map and had to try to complete the course in 20 minutes. Each point was worth 10 points so the maximum score was 200. However if the pair took longer than 20 minutes to get to the finish then each 30 seconds was a 5 point penalty. Below is a table of how our pupils performed at the event. There were 97 entries in total and the results show where each pair came out of that total.

Emma and Destiny  140 points  44th place
Brooklyn and Bradley  170 points  27 th place 
Jacob and Max  200 points  7 th place 
Daisy and Brihanna  165 points 

32nd place 

Chloe and Liam 120 points  61st place 
Kenzie and Charley  130 points  53rd place 
Isabelle and Katie  160 points  30 th place 


Tag rugby festival


We took 15 pupils from year 4 to a Tag rugby festival on Wednesday 26th April. The children were split into 2 groups and then each group took part in 10 different rugby based activities. Each activity lasted for approximately 5 minutes with a drinks break after each one.

Everyone had a great time, learned lots of new skills and had loads of fun.

Pop Lacrosse School Games Qualifier

We entered two teams into this event this year, each team consisting of 4 boys and 4 girls from years 5/6.

Each team had to play 5 matches which were 8 minutes one way. Our team no 1 won their first game 4-2, then they draw 1-1, lost 4-1, draw 3-3 and lost 5-1. Team no1 came 4 th place overall.

Our 2nd team also played 5 matches and they won them all, 7-2, 9-0, 9-5, 13-0 and 5-1. 

This means that our 2nd team have qualified for the School Games Finals in July and they also qualify for the Midlands regional finals in a few weeks time. 

Both of our teams did incredibly well and showed great team work and sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Congratulations to all of them.

Archery competition


On Wednesday 22 nd March 12 of our pupils had the opportunity to take part in this event with St Anne's Primary School.

We had four teams each with 3 players and took it in turns to shoot. Team Bows scored 150 points, team Arrows scored 238 points , team Archers scored 262 points and our team Hottshots scored 300 points. All the scores were then added together to give us a total of 950 points.

St Anne's final total was 1250 points which meant they won the competition.

Well done to everyone that took part.




Year 3/4 Multi skills festival 



On Tuesday 7 th March we took 15 of our pupils from years 3/4 to take part in this event at Retford Oaks Academy. There were 12 different activities and each school spent 6 minutes at each. Every child was given a personal Best card on which they had to record their first and second attempts at each activity. The idea of the card was to see if they could improve on their first performance and therefore have a new PB.

It was non stop and quite tiring but everyone had a great time and learnt some new skills and games.

Level 1 School Games Basketball Competition 


We took 10 of our pupils from years 5 and 6 to this event today at Outwood Academy Portland. The schools were split into two mini leagues and every one played each other. In our league we had to play Carr Hill (won 6-0)  and St Swithuns (won 30-0). We then qualified for the semi-finals where we had to play Clarborough (won 6-0).


We were now in the final which was against Priory. Unfortunately we lost this 10-6  and therefore ended up becoming the runners up. 


The whole team played really well and thoroughly enjoyed the whole competition. Special mentions must go to Brooklyn and Jack who both scored 7 baskets. Also to Szymon who scored an amazing wonder shot which was the shot of the whole competition.

Great British Dance Off Competition


Congratulations to Miss Edwards and her amazing dance club members for qualifying for the regional finals in this competition . They had an amazing day at the Albert Hall in Nottingham with 21 other Primary Schools from the Midlands area. 

The Girls had to perform their routine in front of the judges and audience of parents and friends.