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Booking Key Worker and Year Group Places: June / July 2020

From the week commencing 1 June at the earliest, the Government  has asked primary schools to welcome back children in nursery, Reception, year 1 and year 6, alongside priority groups. 


The keyworker (critical worker) and the vulnerable groups will continue as normal. However, the latest DfE recommendations will mean that this provision may differ from what the pupils have been used to. Pupils from these groups will now enter via the KS2 playground and be directed to their class base.


Over the past few weeks, numbers of requests for Key Worker places has risen considerably and as a consequence, we are now nearing capacity. I strongly urge parents who utilise this provision over the past few months to only use this if you absolutely NEED a place.  Only use the provision on the days you absolutely need it and for the times you require. This will ensure that the many other parents who increasingly require this essential provision can benefit as you have.  


When will school open?

Each school is different and therefore the way the schools open up at this time will alter greatly. Our provisional plan is set out below, but I must emphasise that the last 24 hours have involved extensive dialogue between the Local Authority, Department for Education and Education Unions.


We had already decided that the 1st of June was far too early to admit additional groups based on the ever-changing landscape.

As you are aware, the proposed first year back will be Year 6 on the provisionally set date of the 8th June. A comprehensive risk assessment is in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

If the current class “bubbles” continue to expand,  all subsequent groups will have to be adjusted and days possibly reduced to ensure social distancing classes.

This is our outline timetable for expanded opening: 



            Week Commencing

Year Group 








As above plus Year 6




As above plus Year 1




As above plus  Reception




As above plus F1s 





Please use the following links to BOOK your place in the designated groups. Please note, the booking forms have a deadline on a weekly basis. Failure to inform us of your intention to send your child back will mean that you will have to wait until the following week before we can admit. This is because we have to sort the lgistics of staff, class base and lunches etc. Thanks for your understanding.